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Adapting to the project

We start with a description of the future process, which we adapt to the objectives of the project and the technical team.
This is what the adaptation process looks like
Creating a simple user flow at the beginning of the project


We move towards the final goal in weekly sprints with regular planning and demonstration of results to the customer. Weekly sprints allow for earlier feedback and adjustments.
Yuliya foto
Yuliya foto
Yuliya 17:58
To do
  1. Add all validators and converters to the backend core
  2. Integrate 2 converters and 2 validators into the backend
  3. Add frontend changes to validators and converters
  4. Check for changes in source-feeds to trigger conversions
  5. Output content in converters and validators
emoji Yes
Margarita foto
Margarita foto
Margarita 14:36
Demo results:
  1. Implemented the new design
  2. Started using S3 repository
  3. Learned how to get a response from Cian with validation results
Sprint goals:
  1. Get the backend to work with sites
  2. UX work with sites
What we agreed upon:
Simplify work with validators and converters after MVP
emoji Fire
Sample summary of the demo and planning with the customer


We use development process visualization tools to organize the process and show its progress. The customer is always aware of what's going on.
to do
Add video downloading
Feature: Line chart showing amount of profit
  • back
  • feature
  • front
Implement endpoint for incoming deposit from terminal
Add statistics processing logic
  • back
in progress
Feature: AI recognition of cleaner's movements in the frame
  • camera
  • feature
Add parallel calling of tracking methods
Filter table by carwash ID instead of name
Fix codecs for video playback
    on dev
    Sort out tokens for endpoints
    Fix behaviour after removing carwashes
    Feature: Slicing video with motion in the backroom
    • back
    • camera
    • feature
    Return the number of cameras in request for carwashes
    Remove time from date
    • front
    Add a period record in LS
    Fix Events table, use this approach in all tables
    • back
    Create endpoint to get the replenishment table
    • back
    Example of a ClickUp project board


    We adjust solutions based on feedback to create a product that meets the user's needs.
    function code

    Focus on Improvement

    We analyze milestones, discuss what went well and what there is to improve.
    What went well?
    Implemented complex convertersYuliya
    Started getting rid of technical debtOleg
    Started thinking in terms of XMLAndrey
    What didn’t go well?
    Database crashedOleg
    Didn't have time to test everything before the demoVictor
    Review took too longVictor
    Autotests do not clean up after themselvesYuliya
    Main issues
    Accumulating backend refactoringOleg
    Lack of UI resourceOleg
    Tasks prioritization and value. Possibly reducing them in the To Do sectionVictor
    A clearer decompositionOleg
    Deploy on Thursday evening, get ready for demo on Friday morningVictor
    Add logic to check if the field you're creating is thereYuliya
    What did we learn?
    pytest parameterization of test methodsOleg
    Estimation of effort for tasksAndrey
    Integration of convertersYuliya
    Team retrospective at the end of a sprint

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