Frontend development

Website and web application development using React, TypeScript and more

We create adaptive cross-browser interfaces for all business areas

  • Refine the existing system according to the requirements
  • Increase the system performance
  • Develop the client part from scratch

The tasks that we solve

  • 1
    Adaptive and cross-browser layout
  • 2
    Migration of legacy projects to current technologies
  • 3
    Development of SPA applications
  • 4
    Development of public websites

Tell us about your task

Technology Stack

Languages and Frameworks

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • SCSS
  • HTML
  • TypeScript
  • Electron
  • NextJS

Libraries and Interfaces

  • MobX
  • Create a React Application
  • BEM
  • Redux Toolkit
  • Storyblok
  • Storybook
Payment models
  • Hourly rate

    For what

    • Development of large systems and R&D projects


    • Fix not the deadlines, but the desired result and developer rates
  • Fixed cost

    For what

    • Small and predictable projects


    • We fix the terms, cost and scope of work

Types of cooperation

  • Outstaff

    Allocate an employee or a development team. You set tasks and track progress by yourself
  • Outsourcing

    Assemble a team for your project. Formulate tasks together with us and move towards the goals

Order not only frontend, but any other development services

  • UI/UX design

    Develop the appearance of the system
  • Backend

    Create the infrastructure and the server part
  • ML

    Add artificial intelligence
  • QA

    Test the system

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