UX/UI design

Clear and user-friendly design for your business

We solve business problems by designing interfaces

  • Design for landing pages and enterprise websites
  • Engineering complex enterprise systems and applications
  • Creating websites using no-code solutions

Tasks we solve

  • 1
    Engineering and designing products from scratch
  • 2
    Finding new design solutions for the evolution of existing products
  • 3
    Design audit and UI/UX revision
  • 4
    Redesign of existing services

Tell us about your task

Stages of work

  • 1
    Immersion in the project and researchFiguring out the task and identifying the project goals. Analyzing competitors, conducting UX research, and looking into the user needs.
  • 2
    User experience design and prototypingDesigning the interface structure based on UX research. Creating interactive prototypes to test hypotheses and the interface in the early stages of the project.
  • 3
    Creating design concepts and adaptive designGetting to the visual part of the project. We prepare examples of design concepts and choose the best one. Then create the final design and adapt it to different devices and resolutions.
  • 4
    Formalizing the design systemPreparing a UI kit or design system to simplify the support and development of the project, as well as to share a coherent design system with the developers.
  • 5
    Testing and handing over to developmentUX testing of the solution on the target audience and fine-tuning before development kick-off.
Technology Stack

Interface development

  • Figma
  • Adobe XD

Graphic Editors

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Corel Draw


  • Blender
  • Webflow

Website Builders

  • Tilda
  • Hourly rate

    Suitable for

    • Development of complex systems and R&D projects


    • We fix the desired result and developers' rates, but not the deadlines
  • Fixed cost

    Suitable for

    • Small and predictable projects


    • We fix the terms, cost, and scope of work

Cooperation types

  • Outstaffing

    We allocate an employee or a development team. You set tasks and track progress by yourself.
  • Outsourcing

    We put together a team for your project. We work together on the scope definition and move towards your goals.

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